welcome to punta del diablo

  • sunset and lake in the distance
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I've finally arrived in Punta del Diablo, and it's everything I imagined it would be. It's a small fishing and surfing village pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The bus rolled in at about 8 in the evening and dropped us off in the "town center", which is just a widening in the dirt road and there's a little police station and a supermarket on the right. Met a Swedish dude called Tobias who happened to be staying the same hostel as me, and we hiked up to the hostel. The hostel's called Diablo Tranquillo - The chilled devil. Very sociable place and last night we had a bit of a meet and greet with all the new arrivals. This carried on til about 3am, and many beers and bottles of wine were passed around. First people I met were a group of girls - 1 english, 1 canadian and 1 irish. All very cool people and all up for a good night of beer. The guys in the hostel allow you to run a tab in their bar, which is cool cause there's no ATM in the town however, being allowed to run a beer tab for 2 weeks is probably a little dangerous. One of the girls who left today reckoned she had like a hole page of beers on her statement - possibly just from last night though.

I got up at around 10 this morning and headed down to the beach for a surf session. Beautifully clean and chunky waves that peel both left and right and pretty much nobody there to ride them. There were 4 of us in the water. Back in the UK or even South Africa, a wave like that would have fifty or a hundred people fighting for it. Not the best surfing performances though. I think a combination of a slight hangover, tiredness and a bit of fear from my surfing accident in Cape Town was definitely affecting me. After the surf session I had an afternoon nap on one of the many hammocks the hostel has - note for tomorrow, apply sunscreen before doing that again to avoid repeat burns to the legs. Ouch!

I now really feel like I'm in South America. I'm completely blown away by this place and plan on staying here for at least 2 weeks. I think tomorrow morning I may go pick up a fishing rod - something to do in between the surfing and sleeping on the hammock. The photos above are of a lake I spotted while on the bus here, and then the photo with the sign, is the view from the hostel - this is what I'll be waking up to every night for the next 2 weeks. Pura vida!