mucho tranquillo en diablo tranquillo

  • Amazing colours in this sunset
  • More sunset colours

Been a couple of days now since I wrote on here, probably because it is such an idyllic place that I feel bad sitting in front of a computer. I haven't even taken my camera out which is a shame because I've seen very cool things - dolphins swimming in the distance, a secluded beach that stretches for about 2 km and had 5 people on it. I've just mostly been going for walks, surfing, sleeping on the hammocks and partying at night.

Met a very cool Irish couple who I've been hanging out with. The guy's name is Pat and the girl is Jaime. He's also into surfing so yesterday eventhough the sea was pretty flat we went in. Ended up being a surprisingly fun session. Small, playful waves that gave about a 5 second ride. 

A few nights ago I met a group of Uruguayan girls at the only bar that's open. Very cool girls. They invited some of us back to their cabana once the bar shut, and then proceeded to feed us a few Cuba Libres - rum and coke. This carried on 'til sunrise and everybody sat outside and watched it. On their last night here they were persuading me that I have to visit their home beach town of Punta del Este and because one of them runs a hostel she'll give me free accommodation, Might pop in on my way back to Montevideo.

I also have to mention the other cool night I had in the hostel. Pretty much everybody had been down to the bar for dinner and a few drinks. After that we came back to the hostel to have a few drinks on the balcony. 2 of the guys here play guitar so they got the guitars out and played some pretty decent tunes. And then a really weird thing happened. One of them was playing a really bluesy song and then suddenly the other dude pulls out an harmonica and just starts jamming away. It was so cool, I wished I had had a cam corder on me.

Time here is so strange, I think because everybody is really friendly and hangs out, it kinda feels like you're living here for ages. I may just extend my stay in this little village.