sunken ships and night dune boarding - loco

  • On the road 1
  • On the road 2
  • On the road 3
  • Getting cold
  • walking on the dunes
  • Still walking
  • Heidi dragging behind
  • Jaime draggin behind
  • All so excited
  • Kodal moment
  • Jaime and Pat are really excited
  • The shipwreck
  • King of the world
  • Amazing sunset
  • Another cool sunset
  • Heading back to the restaurant
  • The restaurant
  • Berty and Heidi dig in
  • Pat digs in
  • Night boarding
  • Jammin
  • Hand going in
  • The whole group
  • No bindings
  • Multiple kartwheels
  • Off the wall
  • Jaime and Pat -very cool couple
  • Pat hitting it hard
  • Getting psyched
  • Berty doing it
  • Freezing on the back of the truck
  • Dan on the guitar
  • Strutting my acrobatics

Yesterday was another totally crazy day and night here in Punta del Diablo. Once again the onshore winds were howling all day so the surf was pretty much non existent, so everybody just sat around the whole day waiting for our afternoon "field trip".

When 4pm came a bunch of us jumped on the back of a bakkie (truck for non South Africans) and drove about 20kms to a famous shipwreck in the area, picking up supplies on the way. The back of the truck was absolutely freezing but it was a great laugh.

Arriving at the spot was slightly anticlimatic because we realised that the shipwreck has pretty much completely rotted away with time - as you can see from the photos. That said, it still looked pretty cool. And walking up to it felt awesome because there we were, 12 people on a beach that supposedly stretches for 60km and there was nobody else.

Funny thing is that eventhough we're all pretty much living on a beach, it didn't stop us from being absolutel kids when we got there. We got the football and frisbies out and ran around like we had never been on a beach. Like a lot of the stories here in Punta a few drinks were involved too.

Once the sun had set it was time to get some dinner. A parilla (braai or bbq) had been organised for us at this small restaurant on the dunes close to the beach. It's usually closed at this time of the year, but the owners of the hostel asked the guys to open for us, and man oh man was it worth it. As we walked in, the owner came up to some of us lads and asked if any of us were into snowboarding, so a few of us said yes. Then he told us we were more than welcome to use his sandboards while he got dinner going, and gave us directions to the closest dune, and handed us a few flashlights.

We got the dune (only a few metres from the restaurant) and pointed the flashlights down to see what awaited us. Fortunately it was a pretty small dune, probably about a 15 metre ride. There were quite a few hilarious wipeouts - mine being one of the painful ones.

After about half an hour Heidi came out to tell us dinner was being served. I couldn't believe the amount of meat these guys were cooking up for 12 people. It looked like there was a whole cow on the grill, and a couple of chickens, sausages etc. The meat was superb, and it just kept on coming out. What makes me think that the whole cow was on there is because eventually a few internal organs started coming off the grill. I had a big chunk of heart, but can't say I really enjoyed it. May have had something to do with the texture and being able to crunch through the arteries and valves and stuff.

After dinner it was time to head back, so we all got back into the back of the bakkie and prepared ourselves for 20 freezing minutes. It was quite funny, because eventhough it was all guys in the back the cold was so bad that we had to huddle underneath 2 blankets - some situations can't be avoided. When we got back to the hostel there were a few people awake and then the guitarist guys started a bit of a jam again. I had a go at playing the harmonica for the first time and really enjoyed it and apparently was even holding a tune, so I might be buying one when I get to the next town. After the jam session we all headed down to the communal lounge and watched a movie on somebody's laptop - i fell asleep on the couch and got woken up this morning.