when will i surf again

  • Where is the sea?
  • Ah! There it is!

After 5 days of wild onshore winds that turned the sea into a washing machine, last night the winds finally changed direction and calmed down - finally a chance to go surf again. Excited at the propesct of going surfing again today, I didn't sleep much eventhough I got to bed real early. Unfortunately though I woke up this morning to a cloud of fog so thick, I can't even see the beach from the hostel. I took a walk down to the beach and even there the fog is so thick it's dificult to see if it's surfable, not to mention that I would not feel comfortable going into the water when you can't see where it is.

So for now, it looks like another few hours of waiting, but at least the wind is not picking up so this afternoon could potentially be a great session.

Pat and Jaime, the Irish couple, leave today and will be giving me a few tips on places to go to in Peru and Ecuador where the surf is meant to be superb. It's been great hanging out with them.