surfing with a difference

By early morning the fog cleared and revealed some pretty decent surf. The line up was crowded by Punta del Diablo standards - I think I counted 10 dudes in the water. The swell was a bit bigger than what I'm used to and I struggled quite a bit  due to a combination of big swell, a really crap board and me just being crap.

But it was definitely a session worth being in. A few minutes into it, I spotted something moving in the water a few metres away from me, at which point I think I soiled myself. I didn't tell Pat about it because I didn't want to alarm anybody before knowing what it was. I kept looking in the direction of the said something, only for it to emerge again and then I saw that it was a turtle. Quite a small turtle and for the 2 hours I was in the water, I saw it quite a few times - most of the time it was about 5 metres away from us. Just bobbing around probably soaking up some rays.

Then something else pretty awesome happened while I happened to be getting pummpled by a wave - but Pat told me about it. As one of the local surfers was paddling into a wave, a dolphin jumped pretty much over him and then started jumping along the wave. All the guys in the water shouted out and cheered. Definitely  a session worth being in. The local guys have told me tomorrow is set to be another great day in the water, so I may go for an early morning surf and then for an afternoon hike to the nature reserve.