eagles and snakes - santa teresa

  • Fisheye photo
  • Fortaleza de Santa Teresa
  • Cemetary at St Teresa
  • Following eagles
  • The eagle again
  • Palm lined deserted roads
  • Random bull
  • Random horse
  • Footsteps on the sand
  • The snake
  • The sunset

Got up pretty early today and took the board out for an early morning surf. The waves were decent and I was the only one on the water for the first while - there was one other person on the beach. Didn't stay in for long as I knew later we'd be going on our hike of Santa Teresa Nature Reserve.

At about noon a few of us hopped onto the bus to Chuy (border of Brazilian) which also stops at St Teresa. After about 20 minutes we arrived at the reserve and got set for our 4 hour hike. The starting point is an old Portuguese fort called Fortaleza de Santa Teresa. It was pretty interesting but not better than the sort of stuff you'd see in Portugal. The rest of the hike consisted of old roads that were obviously taken care of during the Reserve's hay day because they were perfectly lined with palm trees. These days they probably don't have much traffic going through the reserve so these roads are all run down. One part of the road had a tree groing out of the middle of it.

The scenery was quite picturesque, a cross between shrubs and sub tropical vegetation. We seemed to be followed by a few eagles (or were they voltures). All in all not very exciting animal life but it was just nice to be out in the "jungle".Eventually the bush opened up into a massive beach, completely deserted. All of us went in for a swim.

On our way back to Punta del Diablo, we came across a snake crossing the path. It wasn't a big snake, but enough to scare the bejesus out of one of the girls who has a bit of a snake phobia. I managed to get close enough to it to get a couple of photos and then it just went on it's way.

Pretty exhausted now because it was about a 10 km hike through bush and beach, but there's no resting allowed as tonight is one of the staff's leaving dos, so off to the beach bar we shall go.