and the sun sets on diablo

  • Lifeguard tower
  • Fishing boats
  • Reflecting sunset
  • The lighthouse - and some dude showing his fist
  • Trees touching
  • And then darkness

So after nearly 2 weeks at Punta del Diablo, I decided this morning that I'm moving on. The place has been awesome and I almost feel like I'm part of the furniture in the hostel, but events last night prompted me to make the decision. There was a new arrival last night who went straight onto the booze when he arrived, and then got back to the hostel at about 6am in some state. I enjoy a jar as much as the next man, but you have to be considerate of others. Waking everybody up wasn't the worst part, he then proceeded to throw up in the dorm room, and all along the halls to the toilet. Everybody in the room was well p!ssed off, and I think if I stayed here with that dude around, it would possibly ruin the excellent experience I've had here - quit while you're ahead and all that.

There were some positive bits yesterday. I had an excellent afternoon surf session. I was the only one in the water, well not completely on my own - my turtle friend joined me for a while too. Finished my surf a while before sunset so could take a walk out to the lighthouse to get some sunset pics - I think they worked out pretty well.

This afternoon I'll be hopping on a bus that'll take me to a place called Cabo Polonia. It's meant to be even more remote than this place, with no running water or electricity. Guillam, a french dude who has been here for a couple of days now, is also going - he was also a bit put off with the whole vomitting experience last night.

Because there's no electricity, I won't be in contact with anybody for the next couple of days but hopefully I'll have a few cool things to say about the place when I leave.

Oh, and an update on yesterday's snake story....I was speaking to one of the locals last night and told him about the snake, so he asked if I had any pictures. When I showed him the pictures he started laughing and said in future we shouldn't get too close to that type of snake as it is highly venomous. One bite could lead to death within 24hrs if you don't get the antivenom syrrum. It's calleda cruxeira, because it has crosses on it's body.