colonia del sacramento

  • itchy powder trees
  • loads of old cars in this town
  • start of the old town
  • chivito - traditional uruguayan dish
  • smallest car in the world
  • River Plata classic car rally
  • austin healy
  • all the yanks were renting these things
  • the old smuggler port
  • island in the middle of the river
  • more sunsets
  • cobbled streets
  • hostel room - dirt cheap
  • hostel room from another angle
  • gate into old city
  • ferry similar to the one i took
  • loads of artists painting this street
  • colonia lighthouse
  • old portuguese house
  • sunset after a really hard cycle
  • travelling alone is not good for self portraits
  • inside the ferry
  • Wonder if it goes back there

On Sunday Morning I left Montevideo and hopped onto a bus to Colonia del Sacramento from where I'll go back to Argentina.

Colonia is a Portuguese colonial town, which the Portuguese had built as a port where they were able to smuggle goods into Buenos Aires across the Rio del Plata. This is a massive river - the ferry I'm on now is the fast ferry and take an hour, the slow ferry take 3 hours. It's ironic that the river is called Rio del Plata - plata meaning silver - yet it's a dirty brown colour, worse than the Vaal. It has several beaches along it in the town of Colonia, and apparently in the summer, loads of people hit these beaches.

Colonia is a pleasant, sleepy town and most of it's roads are lined with those trees we used to get "itchy powder" from when we were kids - don't know what they're called. My days here have consisted of eating chivitos and walking the cobbled streets and visiting the various museums, most of which were quite disappointing - the Portuguese history museum had loads of artifacts, but they were all replicas. Got told off by a museum guard for taking photos in the museum - but managed to get away with some photos. The closest I had to a night out was hooking up with an English girl, and English dude and a Kiwi dude and going for dinner.

Yesterday after walking around for about 4 hours, I took one of the free bicycles for a ride up the coastal road. Felt really energetic to begin with and went pretty far - it was down hill - and the ride back was torture. A small wind storm started building and I had to cycle up hill against the oncoming winds. Got back to the hostel and dropped onto my bed - the photos were definitely not worth that cycle.

One srtange event here relates to my American room mate in the hostel. Very strange character and thankfully I only had to tolerate him for one night. Without offending any American friends, this guy was your typical travelling American that annoys the sh!t out of most other travellers - always expecting everybody to speak english, only carrying dollars cause that's the only currency etc. Then he says "This is a nice town, pitty it's not 3 times bigger" - yes buddy, it's a Colonial port town, not New York. Didn't really say much to him until the next morning, and this is when things got weird. I got woken up with the sound of really deep heavy breathing that sent shivers down my spine. Lying there under my duvet facing the wall, I didn't want to turn around to see what was happening, but eventually had to put my mind at ease. I turned to see this dude sitting there on his bed meditating. I have no problem with that, but it's a bit shitty at 8 in the morning. When he finished he turned to me and said "Hey man, I hope I didn't wake you last night when I went to the toilet". My only thought was "No, you didn't wake me then, it was the serial-killer-like breathing at 8 in the morning that woke me and subsequently scared the bejesus out of me!"

Anyway, on the ferry back to Buenos Aires now and when I get there I'm catching a bus to a town called Rosario.