rosario - kayaking and partying

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I've spent the past few days in a city called Rosario. Quite a big city but small enough too feel homely. Also, it's a student town so the nightlife has been pretty good. Once again my plans have taken a bit of a turn. What was meant to be an overnight stop has turned into 5 days. I've met some great people here, which I'm finding now is what makes or breaks the hostel experience - especially in the cities. The group has consisted of Rhys and James, 2 lads from Wales who have been a great laugh and I've gotten on with brilliantly. Eric, a dude from Minnesota who is coming to the end of his trip was also great company. Then there was the group of Israelis who have given us hours of comic relief - especially Simana, who doesn't speak any English and just presumes that everybody understands Hebrew. Yesterday he had everybody in stitches when he was a bit liquored and possibly stoned and kept forgetting who was Jewish and who was English speaking. The other Israelis are Lena, cute girl travelling on her own, Maor who I think was in the Israeli special forces and Erres and Elle. All great people, and they've been teaching me some basic Hebrew for when I meet other Israelis.

Rosario is the birthplace of Che Guevera and we tracked down his first home the other day but it was pretty uneventful - got a photo and moved on. Bit of a flash house for a guy who then became a revolutionary.

Probably the coolest thing I've done in Rosario is going kayaking on the Rio Perana with the Welsh lads and Eric. The rio Perana is the second largest river in South America and when it merges into the Rio Del Plata becomes the biggest delta in South America - will have to confirm this. The stretch of river we paddled across was 1 km across, then we paddled to one of the few islands on the river where we chilled out for a while sipping on some Mate (south american herb similar to tea). Then it was back on the kayaks to paddle a bit further up the river. In total it was 4 hours of kayaking (i think we totalled 6 kilometres) and my arms are feeling it today. We didn't see much wild life apart from a few river turtles, although we were told that in the rainy seasons you can see crocs.

Had some really good nights out over here. By far the best night out was on Friday, when we went to a club called Berlin. Kinda like a rock club and loads of the songs were spanish versions of popular English stuff.

It was brilliant being amongst the locals too and gave me an opportunity to try and use Spanish apart from the usual "Where is the bus station" "How do I get to this street" etc.We carried on there til pretty late and by the time the club shut, we had met some locals who invited us to an after party at a club called La Bsiemento - the basement. This had a completely diferent vibe, but still pretty cool. We only got back at around 6 in the morning. Probably the funniest events that resulted from that evening, was Rhys showing everybody his cut lip the next morning, which was caused by him waking up in the middle of the night to go for a pee, still pretty drunk, and forgetting that he was sleeping on the top bunk. So he stepped off it expecing to find ground, but only found the ground when his face hit it.

After a few hours sleep, one of the girls workling at the hostel started playing some capoeira, so I joined her for a while - probably another reason my arms are sore.

Today is decision day on where to go next. Some people are heading north to Salta, so I might go with them, or I may go west to Mendoza -  16 and 12 hours on a bus respectively. We were all chatting today about how easy it is to become really good friends wih people in the hostel whom you've only known for a few days, and it's amazing how when you leave or they leave you feel like you're saying goodbye to people you've been mates with for years. Right, that's enough philisofical crap, time to move on.....