montanita and guayaquil

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After saying goodbye to everybody at Mancora in Peru, on the 4th of August, I boarded a bus to Ecuador - main aim here, to see the Galapagos. After an 8 hour trip through the night on a really shitty bus, and having to get off the bus 3 times because of border conrols, I arrived in Guayaquil. Unfortunately though, my plan to board the very next flight into the Galapagos didn't quite work out and I found out the soonest I could fly out was on the 7th. So I hopped onto a bus to Montanita, a little surfing town 3 hours away and a place that so many people had told me about.

I had planned to visit this place but because I spent so much time in Mancora, and Peru in general I knew I would only be able to give the place a quick look. I wish I had more time to spend here. It has this "other" world feel to it. Dirt roads, buildings that look like they were built in a day out of shipwreck wood, and a very hedonistic vibe about the place.

I surfed the afternoon I got there, but the surf was pretty scrappy and I didn't really enjoy it. That night I met up with a few people who I had met and shared a room with in Mancora. Had a beer with them but because I was shattered from my journey and still recovering from my 2 weeks in Mancora, I called it a night pretty early. Also met up with Craig who I had met in Mancora and he told me he had a great surf session that afternoon up at the point. My plan was to surf it the next day. But, before going for a surf the next morning I popped into an internet cafe to have another go at booking my Galapagos flight, and the airline told me I could get one on the 7th in the morning, but I had to pay for it at the airport in Guayaquil this afternoon. I didn't have to think twice about it. Checked out of my hostel, not even looking at what the surf was doing so I wouldn't be tempted to stay, and hopped onto the very next bus to Guyaquil.

Arrived back at the airport just in time to pay for my flight, and then checked into a hostal right across the airport. Not really fussed about seeing this big city. My main concern was to get a good night's rest (people were partying in my hostel in Montanita so I didn't sleep much), and to get up early for my flight.

My next blog entry will be from the magnificent Galapagos islands! wooooooohoooooo!!!!