leaving santarem the quick way

This morning, the 10th of September, I woke up to some sootheing tickles running up my leg. Initially I thought maybe one of the cleaning ladies here had found my current extremely shaggy-haired, bearded look irresistable but I was wrong, it was a giant cockroach, making it´s way up my leg. Mind you, I haven't seen any cleaning lady here which may explain the size of the cockroach. I also found some rat poo on the bed. That combined with the big tick I found feeding on my leg yesterday, and the fact that my last entry on here was just full of negative ramblings, meaning I'm definitely sick of Santarem, prompted me to admit defeat to the jungle, river and those bastarding airlines that keep charging me to carry my board, and I decided I should fly out of here....soon.

After a good scrub in the shower (I felt slightly violated by the cockroaches and rats), I took the 40 minute bus out to the airport. I walked straight past the airline I had problems with yesterday and over to their rival airline and booked a ticket to Fortaleza with them. The ticket was another financial ass-shagging, but it does get me much further down the coast, closer to where I want to hang out and surf for a few solid days. All in all, I'm saving myself about 4 or 5 days of boat and bus journeys combined - that would be 5 days of non stop travel, hopping straight off a 3 day boat onto a 28 hour bus ride. The ticket has set me back close to 230 pounds, but I think by the time I'm on a beach I'll forget about it. I'm quite a spiteful little bastard at times so I felt an immense pleasure looking over at the yesterdays airline desk, smiling with my new ticket. Let's hope that doesn't bite me in the ass too.
The events in this hotel have left such a bad, yet somewhat comical, impression that eventhough my flight is only at 7am, I've decided to take a bus to the airport this afternoon and will sleep in the waiting lounge which will definitely be cleaner than this place.

I'm somewhat disappointed that I'm not doing the rest of the Amazon by boat, but at the same time I think on these sorts of trips you do have to compromise. I may not be sailing into Belem watching the Amazon open up into the sea, which is meant to be a magnificent site well worth the long boat trip, but then I'll be spending more time at Praia da Pipa where it is common site to surf alongside Dolphins. And reading over what I've just written I can tell I'm in a much better mood, so it's definitely the right decision. Hopefully my next entry will be about the white beaches and dolphins of Praia da Pipa.