flying over the jungle

Friday the 11th of September, 911, and I'm sat in a plane in Belem airport waiting for my connecting flight to Fortaleza. Funny enough, Tav has just walked onto the plane, because he decided to fly to Fortaleza too. I'm exhausted. Yesterday I took the last bus out to the airport at about 6pm, and then waited there f or my 7am flight. I wouldn't have been able to catch a bus there this morning as the buses don't run early enough, and a taxi would have cost me a small fortune (for an already expensive flight). On arriving at the airport I saw something freakishly cool. There were thousands of swallows, flying all around the airport, trying to find a tree to spend the night in. When I say thousands, it is not an exaggeration, from far the site could have been mistake for an invasion of locusts - again, i didn't have a decent camera with me to get a shot of this. I found a nice spot in a quiet corner of the terminal building. I was able to buy WiFi credit, so that helped pass the time - caught up on emails, watched stuff on youtube etc.

At midnight I figured I should at least try get some sleep, so I rolled my sleeping bag out onto the floor, tucked myself into it, used my backpack as a pillow and drifted off to sleep. The spot I chose was quiet. Quiet that is when nobody was around, but at about 2am a load of people showed up - I forgot there was a 3am flight.

Eventually 7am came and surprisingly the flight took off on time. As soon as we took off I was sure I had made the right decision about taking a flight. The view of the jungle below was unbelievable. And a while after take off we passed some amazing clouds. I'd never seen clouds like this. Just huge cumulumbus that seemed to climb right to the edge of the atmoshpere. At one point during the flight I looked out the window and down, and was surprised that we were flying over the sea. I couldn't figure out why, and then on looking closer realised that the massive dark riply area below us was the jungle. Incredible, as far as I could see it was just jungle all around.

On flying into Belem the scenery was spectacular again. It was the type of thing you see in documentaries. The various tributries of the Amazon, meandering through and endless sea of jungle. All along the main river and tributries you could see tiny boats and little villages. And then, the main river opened up and you couldn't tell where it ended.

I'm getting massively excited knowing that in about 2 hours I'll be in Fortalezza and then I can decide to either go for a surf there, or rent a car and motor it down to Praia da Pipa where I'll have a decent surf session in the morning. Wooooohooooo!