• old colonial building
  • a lot of these colourful little buildings
  • view from the top
  • a sign up on the wall in the hostel
  • map
  • the church in the main square
  • main square
  • church in the distance through palm trees
  • another old church
  • old church
  • cool street
  • tav and anita waiting for the bus - sweaty bastards

On the 17th of September after a 6 or so hour bus ride we arrived in a town called Olinda and checked into the Albergue Olinda. Coincidentally, Olinda is my mom's name and her birthday is on the 18th of September. So I got to give her a birthday call on her birthday from a town with her name.

On the evening we arrived (Tav, Anita and I), we went for dinner at a very traditional restaurant. When we were looking for a place to eat I had my first experience where somebody didn't realise I spoke the language and said something they shouldn't have. We were outside a restaurant debating whether or not we should go in, so I went over to some guys and asked them if they could recommend a cheapish place for good local food. So they turned to another guy that was standing slightly away from us and said to him in Portuguese that I was looking for a cheapish place to eat. This guy replied to them in Portuguese "When they walked passed I could already see they needed something cheap." I then turned to this guy and spoke to him in Portuguese and he said, "Oh, you speak Portuguese", my reply "Yes I do, which means I know exactly what you implied about my friends and I earlier". No chance we would go into his restaurant afterwards. At the traditional place we took ages to decide what to eat. All the food had really weird names. The waiter described to us what was in each thing and everything sounded awesome. What we didn't realise was that is was all double portions and basically he had to bring out an extra table for the food.

It's an old colonial town with beautiful buildings and a pleasant waterfront. It is damn hot though. On the morning of the 18th I woke up at about 8am and the old mercury was almost hitting the 30 mark. And evening the mosquitoes were crazy. Still, I really enjoyed wondering the streets in the afternoon and took a walk up to the hoghest point in town to look down at all the colonial buildings overlooking the coast line.

In the evening we had to take a combination of bus and metro to get back to Recife to catch an overnight bus to Salvador. The metro was crazy. At one point it was as packed as a London underground tube, and there we were, all 3 of us with backpacks and me with my board bag and the temperature at about 35. Needless to say we all arrived at the bus stop sweating our asses off...just what you need before a 14 hour bus ride!