el fin del viagem

After almost 7 and a half months (223 days to be exact), I am now on my flight home from Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires, where I landed at the start of my trip. The 8 and a half hour flight home seems a walk in the park compared to the mammoth bus journeys I've been on over the past months, the longest of which was 31 hours.

Earlier today, I said my second goodbye of the trip to the lovely Anna "Ruby" Rubycz. We'd been travelling together for 3 and a half weeks now. The goodbye this time was somewhat more serious and so, I'll keep my feelings and the events around it to myself.

Now, while I sit here on this South African Airways flight, sipping on my first South African beer (Castle) in months, thinking back at all the incredible things and people I've been fortunate enough to experience and meet, I can unequivikly and without a doubt say that I have absolutely no regrets. Fair enough I may not have seen all that I thought I'd see - hell, I missed out on a whole country (Mexico) - but then I've seen and experienced things I never thought I would and been to countries I had no idea I'd go to (Colombia). In fact, it's really this sort of randomness and lack of a plan that shaped my trip into the unforgettable experience it has become, and so, how could I have any regrets?

I'm sad that my trip in this incredible continent has come to an end but I feel a great feeling of "alegria" over seeing my family and friends again. Also, starting my new life back in South Africa after nearly 8 years living abroad, will be a hugely exciting experience in its own right. I have no doubt I'll go back to South America, if only to go down to Ushuaia to board a boat to Antarctica, or to go deeper into the Amazon than I managed to do, but at the same time there is so much more out there (in the rest of the world) to be seen.