Colombia, mostly known for it's thriving cocaine industry, guerilla warfare and kidnappings of tourists was never on my itenerary, but after speaking to loads of travellers along the way who spoke wonders of the place I decided I couldn't miss it. Also, it would be the first time I would be travelling with a mate. I'd be meeting Tav, who I worked with, and partied with a lot back in London, on the 19th of August. No real fixed plans for Colombia, all we knew is we had about 2 and a half weeks to see as much before going into the Amazon.

cartagena - salsa clubs, football and even some culture    (submitted on 28 August 2009 17:17)
cartagena - salsa clubs, football and even some culture

Tav and I flew into Cartagena international airport on Friday the 21st of August, with Nina, the Australian girl we met in Bogota. The flight was delayed, but we still saved about 16 hours over the bus ride. Being hit with the hot humid air of the Carribean when I walked out of the plane was a bit if a shock. I was expecting Cartagena to be hot, but didn't imagine it would be like this. Within 5 minutes we were sweating pretty more >>

bogota - welcome to colombia    (submitted on 22 August 2009 15:18)
bogota - welcome to colombia

On the 19th of August, I flew into Bogota airport from Quito. Tav's flight came in round the same time as mine and after meeting up in the baggage lounge, we had a quick cigarette and jumped into a cab to La Candeleria - the old, bohemiam part of Bogota. We checked into a hostel called Hostel Fatima, just up the road from a punkish/grungy road of bars. First thing we needed to do is go for a beer and catch up on the past few months.Within minutes of walking up the street, we had already been offered coke and weed - crazy place more >>